Selling a Home in Greenwich Village

Selling a Home in Greenwich Village

  • Mark O'Brien
  • 03/21/23

Selling a luxury home in the highly sought-after Greenwich Village neighborhood in New York City is an exciting opportunity. This desirable location is known for drawing in real estate seekers with good taste who value the neighborhood’s rich history. Lately, builders and developers have added to the Greenwich Village charm by refurbishing older buildings. From its streets, you can make out cute brownstones with copious ivy and window flower pots. Some consider Greenwich Village the nation’s most walkable neighborhood, with a seemingly endless selection of hip cafes and restaurants.

Greenwich Village has changed in recent years, and though many iconic locations closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, sellers can rest assured that new businesses and developments continue to make Greenwich Village real estate a top destination for buyers. Read on for an overview of how to get started on your selling journey.

Partner with a seasoned real estate team

As you prepare to sell, your priority should be to partner with a real estate team with an intricate understanding of the Greenwich Village market. The neighborhood has changed a lot over the years, and those buying Greenwich Village real estate may come from several demographics. It’s essential to hire a broker who is well-versed in all the area has to offer. I’m Mark O’Brien, and my team and I are highly familiar with the history of the community, all its best features, and where it might be headed.

Determine your home's value

The most streamlined way to determine your home’s value is to have your broker do an appraisal or a comparative market analysis. This will help you get an idea of the current market value of your home as compared to houses of similar size and condition in your area. Your real estate agent will evaluate the recent market trends and fluctuations to come up with a solid and savvy pricing strategy that’s sure to get results.

Know your buyers

Your pool of prospective buyers goes in tandem with the value of your home. With a knowledgeable agent like those on my team, you can market your home to appeal specifically to Greenwich Village buyers. Above all, these are people who have money to spare. Many new buyers are relatively young, some with family members willing to help them purchase their homes. However, some buildings have restrictions barring buyers from purchasing with trusts. Moreover, many of the neighborhood’s most prestigious residential buildings have regulations against modifying anything. Sellers should keep apprised of all such factors and communicate them with buyers upfront.

Emphasize the most appealing features in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is an exclusive neighborhood with lots of character and luxury appeal. Buyers who want to move here have good taste and style: many already think Greenwich Village is the best part of town. They prize the aura of sophistication fostered by historic architecture and noteworthy universities. When buyers go into their searches prizing your home’s location, half of your battle is already won.

If you are selling Greenwich Village real estate, make a point to emphasize your home’s proximity to Washington Square Park, complete with the Washington Square Arch, a gorgeous fountain, walking paths, and overhanging trees. This is a go-to gathering spot for those who enjoy sunny afternoons spent in the great outdoors.

Another standout feature of the Greenwich Village community is its university vibe. Residents enjoy proximity to NYU, the Bobst Library, performing arts centers, and residence halls. In addition, the Parsons School of Design/The New School is just a few blocks northeast of NYU. These institutions aren’t just for college-aged students — my daughter began art classes there at age 12. Its combination of history, exclusivity, and accessibility makes Greenwich Village a genuinely unique place.

Keep up with new developments and neighborhood quirks

I have a real connection to Greenwich Village as I’ve lived on 11th/5th Ave for years. In fact, my first child of five was born at St. Vincent’s hospital, which is now condos. New York City’s Landmarks and historic overseers preserved some of the original structure, and there was extensive review upon review for the new design. While not everyone is thrilled with the end result, many others view the new residential building as a good change. It’s a tough balance and a call out to the neighborhood groups that volunteer their time to demand historic oversight on such developments.

Prepare your property for sale

The Mark O’Brien Team has a keen eye for preparing your home for sale. I personally will include a detailed walkthrough video that buyers love and have commented to the team on how the videos stand out amongst the standard snapshots that we often see.

Perform upgrades to improve your home’s value

When it comes to upgrading your home to increase its value, a few key areas to focus on are the kitchen and bathrooms, as these are major focal points of any home. These are the areas prospective buyers will notice the most and will be willing to pay more for. For simpler alternatives, updating the paint colors or lighting fixtures can also help attract potential buyers. Light, bright, and clutter-free will help buyers see their own version of the home.

Repairs and renovations will be your best friend to increase your selling price. These changes, even if small, add to your home’s overall market value. Discussing a pre-listing walk-through with me can help you get an idea of if anything needs to change.

Staging and professional photographs

Even in a market with rising prices and steady demand, staging your home is a crucial step. Home staging, photography, and a thorough listing description will help you sell faster. Staging your home is often worth the investment. Plan on the $20,000 range if your home is empty, and often this helps buyers spatially understand how their furniture will suit the space. Often, we use what is currently in the unit and try to declutter and depersonalize the space. Sometimes we love how the space presents itself while keeping it looking lived in with impeccable style and warmth.

Professional staging and photography will help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space and make them more likely to make a top-dollar offer. Clean each room before staging, and hire a professional real estate photographer to show off the finished product from all angles.

Conduct open houses and virtual tours

The overwhelming majority of homebuyers begin their searches online. When you work with professionals like myself and The Mark O’Brien Team, we will engage your online listing. With my marketing team, we create simple and effective virtual tours designed to elicit feedback from buyers. We show homes in their best light, maximizing sunlight, sight lines, and storage areas. Our commentary clarifies questions before they even occur to buyers.

Buyers impressed with your home’s online presence will visit at an open house. From the first conversation to closing, we will guide you through essential decisions like setting the listing price, developing a timeline, utilizing effective staging techniques and marketing tactics, navigating negotiations with buyers, and overseeing tedious co-op board packages. I also show all of my own listings and will never push them off to a junior team member.

Ready to get started?

If you have questions about selling a home in Greenwich Village, don’t let them go unanswered. Sell with confidence by knowing what to expect every step of the way.

When you’re ready to sell your home in Greenwich Village, The Mark O’Brien Team has the resources and expertise to get you to the finish line. My experience as a builder and developer in New York City lends excellent insight into the home selling process. Beyond real estate agents, my team comprises an extended network of contractors who are very responsive when preparing your home for sale.

As a licensed broker with an active team of real estate salespersons (not to mention contractors and other specialists), we are a reliable choice for home sales in Greenwich Village. Having lived in New York City for over 30 years, I know the nuances of each neighborhood. Get in touch today and get guidance and advice you can count on.

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