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I am using Mark to sell my Upper West Side co-op and to help me purchase another co-op on the Lower East Side. I first met Mark about 3 weeks ago when looking online at co-ops on the Lower East Side. On a frigid Sunday afternoon we went to view 10 apartments. Mark answers all of my questions almost immediately, and I have many. We just started showing my apartment and by the end of the second week he'll have been here 5 times - 3 times showing it to individuals and 2 open houses. He is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him.


My best friend Rachel had used Mark to help find her new home. After visiting Rachel’s new home, I was so impressed and excited for them that I decided to buy in NYC and of course I called Mark. Rachel had also renovated the home, and many of the contractors she used were recommended by Mark. I knew I wanted to take on a project, so going to Mark was a no brainer after seeing his work with Rachel. We are in the process of renovating now, and all is going well thus far!

Joseph M.

Mark was very easygoing and helpful. He explained all of the intricacies of the home buying process and was there by our side the entire time. He helped us understand coop vs condo and closing cost involved for each. We had so many questions and he had answers and a network of people to help, he introduced us to a great real estate lawyer. He was very patient and understanding. Overall, it was a very smooth experience, and I could not recommend him enough!


Mark was a huge help in selling our house. Not only was he extremely communicative, he was also very friendly and made me and my wife very confident our house would be sold. Mark has a lot of building experience and was very helpful as well directing us to contractors and suppliers for a renovation project that turned out great. Mark always had solid input and a very deep network of real estate professionals. Thanks Mark!

Leslie M.

I was having trouble selling my home, but then I found Mark. Within only a month, I had received 2 offers. I noticed other Brokers had difficulty showing potential buyers a clear vision for how to renovate a convert our foyer into more usable space. Mark was fantastic helping buyers understand cost, time frames and design, as Mark has experience building homes. Mark was the best Real Estate move I had made!

Bridget B.

I had been looking for the right home for 6 months to no avail. A coworker of mine who had worked with Mark in the past recommended him to help find our home. After only a month Mark helped find our dream home! He then connected me with contractors to build a wall to create an additional bedroom and patch the wood floor. The contractor was great and Mark really facilitated the renovation. Wonderful experience!

Alex and James

Mark was very accommodating and helpful when we sold our home. He made improvements to our online listing and used different tools like SEO to garner more online traffic. Our property was on the market for 103 days before Mark, but after his improvements to the listing, it sold only 18 days later. We could not thank Mark enough!

Sandra and Morgan

After finding Mark on Zillow, the process of finding our dream home became seamless and worry-free. Mark scheduled all of the homes that we wanted to see and offered his own input and ideas on other listings. We finally found our dream house with the help of Mark, and we love living here now. Thanks Mark!


Mark is a very responsible agent and very easy to work with. He helps us a lot for our moving in process. He helped to coordinate for the walk through, contacted contractor for making closet and shades. He is very knowledgeable and responsible. I highly recommend him to our friends.

Jaeson B.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to what is available on the market and went above and beyond what was expected. He searched for the best apartments that met my criteria and made sure each step of the process was as easy as possible. I highly recommend him.

Max R.

I have been working with mark for 1.5 years now. He is very patient and helpful. Mark connected me with 2 mortgage bankers and helped guide me through the bank commitment process. His recommendations have been fantastic, and they also speak very highly of Mark.

Sophia D.

After being recommended to Mark by a friend, I couldn’t be more thrilled of how the process unfolded. Mark was always available to address any questions I might have, and Mark was consistently communicative. I was very impressed by how smooth the process went.


I worked with Mark since 2005. We bought the house he built and after we moved in, he was always available to answer any questions or cane right over if anything went wrong with the house. He is very personable yet also professional.

Rick F.

Mark was very patient with us as we changed our focus a few times. Navigated us through the difficult Co-op buying process in Manhattan. He has a relaxed personality and knows the market.

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Having lived and worked in New York City for more than 30 years, I offer experience of the all-important, yet often imperceptible, nuances of each neighborhood. Finding the city's hidden gems is one of my greatest passions, and am driven by creating real value on behalf of my grateful and loyal clientele.

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